Top 10 Travel Hacks for the Traveling Entrepreneurs

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When you’re part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, chances are you travel quite a bit. That’s why we built Startuptravels in the first place and we always make the traveling entrepreneur the centre of everything we do.

This blog post will provide all of you busy business men and women with ten tips, which will make your next travel even more enjoyable.

1. Start to learn a few words of the local languages

Learn a few phrases in the local language. Most locals will appreciate the effort and give you good tips for your stay. You can use Duolingo on your mobile phone while waiting for your flight to learn some words or sentences.

2. Keep your travel documents safe

Make digital copies of all your travel documents and make sure to save them in Dropbox or some other online service. This will not only allow you to quickly access them at any given time, but can also be helpful in case you lose the documents or they are stolen (“knock on wood sound”).

3. Order cheap flight tickets

Use a fake location when ordering flight tickets. For reasons only flight industry enthusiasts will understand, the price for flight tickets can vary a lot depending on where in the world you are located during the order process. Especially domestic flights can be a lot cheaper when you order them from within the country you want to fly in. has a more in-depth description of this and they show you, how to easily fake your order location:

4. Bring your power supply

When you need to change flights, bring a power strip. At airports, everybody is always in a desperate need for power supply for their iPhones, laptops and electric blankets. With a power strip in your hand luggage, you will meet new people for sure. We promise.

5. Call your credit card provider

Call your credit card provider before you leave and tell them about your plans. This is especially important on long distance travels. A lot of banks simply de-activate credit cards when they are used from an unusual location.

6. Use local ATMs

Since we’re talking about money: You should almost always use local ATMs to get local currency. All the currency exchange shops are most likely a lot more expensive.

7. Find good places to eat

When at an airport and on the search for a good place to eat, try to observe the flight crew. They most likely know which venues are the best. Another option to use the Everplaces app, where travelers suggest places to eat, drink and go out.

8. For long term traveling consider volunteering

If you’re planning on being away for an extended period of time, consider volunteering. Volunteering can be easy, but very rewarding way to meet locals and get to know a country. Use ti find a project you can contribute to. You can also consider the Workaway website where you can offer your volunteering in change for free accomodation.

9. Bring your old mobile phone

Bring your old phone. In almost every country, you will be able to buy a cheap prepaid SIM card, which will allow you to call cabs, contact hotels and keep in touch with locals whenever you want.

10. Connect with entrepreneurs on Startuptravels

Use Startuptravels to meet like minded people! We wouldn’t be the startup we are today if it wasn’t for a tiny bit amount of hustle and self-promotion. If you haven’t done so already, go on and check your destination for interesting entrepreneurs to meet up with right away!

We hope this list comes in convenient on your next travel adventure. If you have any other tips, make sure to leave a comment and to share you knowledge.


Written by Manuel Thomsen

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