27 Years Old and Already Seen Half the World – Meet Mario

Meet Mario Scian –  Startuptravels co-developer!

In a previous blog posts I explained that we in Startuptravels have been really lucky to get a great team of 15 co-developer onboard, helping to develop the platform. We chose these persons from our persona and identified 15 people that matched this description. Today I want to introduce you a person that has inspired us a lot in our development of the Startuptravels concept – his name is Mario Scian and he is a Startuptravels co-developer.


Traveling the startup way

Despite being 27 years old Mario has travelled to more than 70 countries in the world and travels to 15-20 new countries every year. Mario is also an entrepreneur by heart and loves to meet other people. Observing Mario and his traveling behavior was one of the reasons why we believed that Startuptravels would solve a pain for people like him. Mario is a driven and passionate entrepreneur that currently lives in Copenhagen, but originally is from Argentina. Below you can see his Startuptravels profile.

Mario Scian Startuptravels Co-developer

Mario talks about being a co-developer

I asked Mario to explain how he normally travels and why he decided to join the Startuptravels co-development team. I asked him to make a video of it, so you can see for yourself how Mario travels, what pains he incurs, and why he is helping out. You can see the video below:



Mario is one example of an avid traveler with the desire to meet other entrepreneurs. Do you want to connect with Mario? Send us an email and we will make sure to connect you manually, and when Startuptravels has launched you can find him on the platform.

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  1. You are such an inspiration Mario!


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