Vienna as the European Startup Capital in 2015

Startuptravels City Guide Vienna

City Guide Vienna

This is the Startuptravels City Guide Vienna. In our city guides, we explore the entrepreneurial side of cities all around the world. If you ever go to Vienna, one of the top European tourist destinations, you should definitely bring this guide and even if you’re living in Vienna, you might learn something new. Want to see more of Startuptravels City Guides?

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In a recent report from 2013, 76% of all the interviewed entrepreneurs said that it was harder to connect with business angels in Vienna compared to the rest of the world (Austrian Startup Report 2013, Speedinvest). Still there are several accelerators and investors to be found, so this is only one more reason for you to read this city guide.

Speedinvest (VC): Speedinvest provides Startups with up to 500.000€ of funding. The startups need to be active in the mobile / internet sphere and be in the early stage of their live cycle. Note that single entrepreneurs are not funded, so you will need to have an established team beforehand. Also, you need to have an existing product, when you apply for the VC.

See more at Speedinvest

42Angelitos (Accelerator): This Accelerator focuses on getting startups to Silicon Valley. As with most Accelerators, they have a large team of professionals, who help the startup teams removing initial obstacles.
When your startup decides to apply for 42Angelitos’ program, you should definitely be willing to move your operations to the Valley, since that is the overall goal of this Accelerator.

See more at 42angelitos


Co-working spaces

Sektor5: At Sektor5 you will find all sorts of freelancers, startups, consultants and many more. Both MySugr and Codeship, which we present below, had their office at this co-working space. A day pass can be bought for 15€ and a full month costs 170 €, which is a good price for a co-working space in Vienna. They have events almost daily, so make sure to check out their event page.

See more at Sektor5

StockWerk: The StockWerk co-working space offers four floors of office space for your entrepreneurial adventures. The price is exactly the same as for the Sektor5 space, so it’s 15€ for a day and 170€ for a full month. There’s a kitchen, so you can bring and make your own food, as well as several cozy couch areas.

See more at Stockwerk (only available on German)

Treibhaus 1010: Treibhaus 1010 is the perfect co-working space for you, if you’re in the CleanTech business. All the startups and entrepreneurs want to improve the environment in some sort of way and make the world a better place. Please note that this space is not meant for one-day-drop-ins, but is meant to be used for a few months at least. The pricing is very fair and starts at 88 € for a full month.


Upcoming startups

mySugr: mySugr tries to solve some of the trouble related to Diabetes. They not only provide a companion app for iBGStar (a Blood Glucose Meter), but help people with Diabetes keeping track of their blood sugar levels through log entries and statistics. They also provide a Diabetes quiz app and have a special version for children, which makes the entire blood sugar measurement process a bit more fun.

See more at Mysugr

Codeship: This startup does exactly, what it name suggests: It ships your code. More specifically, they check your Github or Bitbucket account for changes and deploy them on your server right away. Codeship automatically runs your code’s tests to make sure nothing breaks, when you push your changes. The system works with Node.js, PHP, Ruby on Rails and several other languages.

See more at

TourRadar: TourRadar is an online travel agency specializing in group travel. Travis and Shawn Pittman founded TourRadar in 2010 with the vision of helping travelers find & book their dream trip and to make lifelong friendships along the way. Since then, TourRadar has evolved into an industry-leading online platform that provides a seamless and effective booking process, genuine consumer tour reviews and engages travelers to meet each other before the trip departs.

See more at Tourradar

Usersnap: Usersnap is bug reporting for everyone working on a web project. Non-tech people and developers understand each other easier by getting screenshots and browser information which help to identify and fix issues. Usersnap works in the browser and does not need any plugin installation. The system has it’s own bug tracker but also integrates with all major bug tracking software like JIRA, GitHub, Pivotal Tracker and over 20 more.

See more at Usersnap

Wikifolio: Wikifolio enables traders to turn their portfolios into fully-fledged financial products, which are then listed on a leading stock exchange (Börse Stuttgart). Through wikifolio, investors can easily invest in the trading strategies of the best traders and order financial products via an online brokerage account of their choice. Every trade (including execution price and fees) can be viewed in real-time on Wikifolio and a network of leading financial partner websites. Thousands of different trading strategies have already been built within the varied investment universe of more than 40.000 stocks and ETFs.

See more at Wikifolio is a specialist in real-time indoor positioning and navigation. Due to GPS restrictions indoors, way finding and location awareness is difficult in indoor spaces, where we actually spend more than 80% of our time. Using its best-of-breed patented technology, offers unique possibilities to exploit the indoor space and add location intelligence to mobile apps.

See more at



Pioneers Festival: The Pioneers Festival is a global event series, with next stop in Vienna. There will be talks, networking and everything the entrepreneur heart longs for. The price is a bit high (300 € for early age startups, 600 € for everyone else), but it might definitely be worth checking out. The event starts with a kick-off party on the 28th of October 2014 and continues until the 30th of October. You should check out Filip Stanev from Startuptravels – one of the organizers of Pioneers.

See more at

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum: On the evening of the 16th of October 2014, you will be able to attend this free event with interesting speakers, company presentations and dedicated networking time. This event might be perfect for you, if you simply want to spend a few hours meeting other entrepreneurs.

See more at IDC-Austria

Entrepreneurship Avenue: This event is the largest student focused startup event series designed to encourage young people to start their own business. It consists of two blocks: Entrepreneurship Avenue Labs and Entrepreneurship Avenue Conference. The Entrepreneurship Lab events take place in Vienna between March and May, with the Conference Day taking place on May 22, 2015.

See more at Entrepreneurship Avenue


If you have any questions or want to know some more about this great city, feel free to reach out to our ambassador Filip Stanev or any other of the amazing entrepreneurs from Startuptravels platform. Anything else we should add? Let us know in the comments.


Uploaded by  and written by Manuel Thomsen.


  1. coworking space close to Metro Station Wien Mitte (the train to the airport leaves here) with a quiet cafe and not geeky or nerdy
    We are in the 4th floor Visitors are welcome 😉

    • Hey Josef.

      Thanks for your comment. Very helpful to upcoming readers! Thanks :-)



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