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Startuptravels City Guide Sydney

Here you have Startuptravels city guide Sydney. Sydney isn’t only a wonderful city to visit, but also a fantastic place to be if you’re a fan of great beaches, good food, and being around a young, vibrant and multicultural population. However, aside from that, Sydney attracts a number of entrepreneurs and individuals whose interest lies within the tech sector. According to the Business Review Weekly, Sydney placed 12th place on a study that researched the right startup ecosystems, whilst Melbourne placed 18th.

Although an expensive city to live in, the amount of interest in Sydney’s startup ecosystem from entrepreneurs and investors alike, is increasing – and therefore, this blog post will provide you with information regarding Sydney’s incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces and successful entrepreneurs, in case you decide to explore and benefit from this attractive startup environment.



Startmate: Startmate is a Sydney-based company that offers mentorship to software businesses based in Australia. Through a five month accelerator program that offers a $50,000 investment and mentoring from more than 25 successful entrepreneurs, as well as a two month trip to Silicon Valley, Startmate aims at helping technically-focused entrepreneurs develop companies that solve customer’s problems. As a concluding event to the program, two demo days are held in order for you to present to early stage investors. One demo day is held in Sydney, whereas the other is Silicon Valley.

More about Startmate

Founder Institute: At Founder Institute, the vision is to “Globalize Silicon Valley”, thus aiming to help entrepreneurs all over the world to launch their technology companies. As an early-stage accelerator, Founder Institute offers a four month part-time accelerator program, you will attend training courses, practical business-building assignments, and receive expert feedback.

More about Founder Institute

BlueChilli: BlueChilli, a company that is also mentioned in the Melbourne City Guide, is a technology and software development company that offers incubator facilities and an accelerator program that helps to bring your idea to life. Here, you will have access to meeting rooms, an advisory team, office space and support from other entrepreneurs, whilst being taught how to run a startup. Through a 156-step accelerator program, colloquially referred to as ‘The 156 steps of awesome’, you will receive mentoring over a 6-month period that, when completed and graduated from, will act as a form of branding.

More about BlueChilli

Pollenizer: During Pollenizer’s early years, the company began to offer incubator and accelerator programs that functioned as internal training programs. A few years later, Pollenizer changed their programs to be able to support and help entrepreneurs and big businesses such as SingTel and Coca Cola all over the world. Today, Pollenizer offers incubator programs in a number of cities, including Melbourne and Sydney, and these programs are referred to as ‘startup science’ – aimed at helping you turn your dreams into real businesses.

More about Pollenizer 

ATP Innovations: ATP Innovations is said to be “Australia’s leading incubator” that aims at transforming early-stage technology startups into high value companies. By means of offering support, mentoring and personalised assistance, ATP Innovations wants to become valuable members of your team that works with you to raise capital, build your team and create new products. It is also host to Australia’s largest community of entrepreneurs.

More about ATP Innovations

Ignition Labs: Ignition Labs is an early-stage niche technology accelerator, that specifically focuses on health and medical technology. One has the opportunity to apply for a 3 to 6 month accelerator program that, by means of guidance from experienced mentors, cash investment and participation in what is referred to as an “international investor roadshow”, seeks convert early stage ideas, into fundable businesses.

More about Ignition Labs


Co-working spaces

WeCo Sydney: WeCo is a felxible and collaborative boutique coworking space for startups, freelancers and consultants.They love to share great ideas with everyone so they have developed an online community for their members. WeCo has built a network of trainers and mentors and hosts lots of different workshops on topics of digital, design and startup skills.

More about WeCo Sydney

Hub Sydney: Hub Sydney is part of Hub Australia which is Australia’s largest co-working community with a number of global partners in Asia, Europe and the USA, that offer similar services. Each hub has been designed to increase creativity and productivity, thus, giving you the opportunity to meet like-minded members that collaborate under the same roof. Hub Sydney hosts a number of events to encourage you to network, learn and make new friends.

More about Hub Sydney

EngineRoom: EngineRoom is a community for tech entrepreneurs and currently has two offices in Sydney. When working at EngineRoom you will get the opportunity to surround yourself with interesting people with different backgrounds and experience within digital media and tech.

More about EngineRoom

Tank Stream Labs: Located in the heart of Sydney Tank Stream Labs has offices over 3 floors and hosts more than 30 startups and over 150 inspiring entrepreneurs. They host some of Australia’s well known startups: Pocketbook and GoCatch.

More about Tank Stream Labs

Fishburners: Australia’s largest startup space the Fishburners is a passionate community of  startups. It is a different coworking space than others because they are nonprofit and this means that they can offer the cheapest coworking memberships in Sydney. As a member you get access to mentors, investors, potential customers and service providers.

More about Fishburners


Entrepreneurs to look up

Ian Gardiner: Ian is a technology entrepreneur working to build relationships with the startup ecosystem as part of Amazon Web Services. He is passionate about mentoring and he is investing in startups. Ian is co-founder of Innovation Bay which is a networking group for businesses in the high growth technology space.

More information: LinkedIn, Twitter

Daniel Jarosch: Daniel has built and sold several successful internet companies and worked in corporate leadership positions with eBay, PwC and IBM. Daniel is Director of Marley Spoon, Co-founder of digicit and founding partner of Berlin Sydney Pty Ltd.

More information: LinkedIn, Twitter



Unconvention: The Unconvention is the name of staged events hosted by The Entourage. The Entourage is a company that gathers and educates Australia’s largest community of entrepreneurs with over 60,000 members worldwide. This event takes place in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and a couple of others – all on different occasions. The Unconvention is a free event, and it is categorized as the “largest event for entrepreneurs in Australia”. Here, you have the opportunity to learn from entrepreneurs stemming from all parts of the world. Some of the past presenters include Matt Rockman, founder of, Ruslan Kogan, founder of Kogan technologies and Claire Jennifer, the founder of Wombat Fashion.

More information:

Silicon Beach Australia: Silicon Beach Australia started up in mid-2008 as a forum to connect people. The goal was to connect Australia’s technology and startup community, and since 2013 weekly events have been hosted in Sydney, but it has now expanded to other cities such as, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and the Gold Coast.

More information:

Startup Australia: On this page you find all startup events in Australia, links, websites and calendars.

More information:


Cafées to visit

Townske has together with a bunch of enthusiastic entrepreneurs from Sydney helped us put a guide together that list of 8 cafes that local founders love to work from. All these cafes have Internet, welcoming staff and most importantly good coffee. Because you’re in Australia after all!

Check it out here:



Anything else that you think we should add? Please let us know with a comment below.


Written by Gabriel Licari and Eniko Olah

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