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Here you find Startuptravels City Guide Belgrade. ‘A more then 40 times destroyed and resurrected piece of elusive land that remains a dream for many historical conquers. A gate between the East and the West taking the best from both worlds, Belgrade remains one of the oldest cities in Europe and the final resting place of the great Nikola Tesla. With a strong tradition of engineering craft , combined with modern business knowledge Belgrade is an energetic packet pot ready to shake things up.

A fine representative of the scene is Tech Crunch Distrupt audience award winner Fishing Booker. A great success with the company being the world’s largest online fishing charter community, operating in 64 countries worldwide. Not bad for a country with no sea! Get the full overview of Startuptravels City Guides here!

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BITF: Business Technology Incubator of Technical Faculties Belgrade (BITF) is a fine example of state’s structured efforts in nurturing entrepreneurship. The place which gave us the first class or Belgrade’s modern startups is alive and well.

StartLabs: If you are an out of box thinker in this town, there’s a good chance that the guys from StartLabs will drop you a note. StartLabs is a US based early-stage fund investing in startups from Western Balkans, and is the first startup accelerator in Serbia. Nebojsa Lazic is the guy to talk to.

More about BITF

ICT Hub: A no equity based business incubator for technological entrepreneurship. They have a great offer for newcomers into this world – providing a modern workspace and full mentoring, technical and infrastructural support so that they can turn your idea into a successful business. Their roomy space in the technological park of the  Zvezdara forest (next to the national observatory) – ready to burst with new ideas under the starry Belgrade sky.

More about ICT Hub

Co-working spaces

Potkrovlje HUB: Right in the city center a urban decorated loft which is shared with a ranging set of startups from guys disrupting the handyman market to AirBnb for Boats! The price of staying is great compared to other commercial spaces in the city center.

More about Potkrovlje HUB

Impact Hub Belgrade: In the very center of the city there is a one of the very well known Impact Hub’s. Lots of good vibrations around this place, since it used to be a big 50’s radio studio which is now redecorated in a more modern fashion.

More about Impact Hub Belgrade

In Centar: Another place designed for the socially aware startups. Their Mission states: “Through innovative educational programs we intend to stimulate intersectoral cooperation, create informal groups, provide a unique shared working space and offer financial support.” Their leader Željko Ilić is a very open and helpful person.

More about In Centar

Nova Iskra: A unique coworking space where business meets art. Do get inspired by their groovie residents when visiting!

More about Nova Iskra

Polygon Hub: A group of IT enthusiast, freelancers, contractors and full-timers. This crew ranges from pharmaceuticals to game developers. A great spot.

More about Polygon Hub

Entrepreneurs to look up

Katarina Popovic: Katarina is the CEO of DataMaid a startup which does smart content curation for busy people (basically everyone these days), this lady is mixing art and business with a digital twist.

More information: Twitter LinkedIn

Miloš Milisavljević: Miloš is one of the out-of-the box thinkers from the first generation of Belgrade’s tech startups. Miloš and his team build a 100% energy sustainable solar charger which fits well in with architectural surroundings and has won 1st place in the Public Consumption Reduction category at the European Union’s Sustainable Energy Week 2011, in Brussels.

More information: LinkedIn Twitter

Vladimir Trkulja: A calm guy that always delivers. Vladimir is a member of a progressive unit of people form Startit who could be doing wonders in any developed startup ecosystem but instead chose to grow this one.

More information: LinkedIn Twitter

Nemanja Cerovac: A passionate techie and a textbook example of MVP test Pivot strategy. Nemanja and his crew became world wrangler masters in a very short period of time all due to their analytical approach and perseverance.

More information: LinkedIn Twitter

Upcoming startups

With the scene blooming the selection is only getting harder. Here are a few of the great upcoming startups

Thoril: These guys are tapping into a niche market of supply and demand for game developers. With their quality test they ensure that only quality developers populate the market.

More about Thoril

Envigo: The company makes molds for engines which travel through the desert (so it protects them from sand), and is worth several times more than Facebook, but you probably didn’t know this since it isn’t a sexy business. Despite the lack of “sexiness”, the guys from Envigo have a platform for estimation of the effects of projects on natural surroundings (which is an obligatory estimate for lots of investment projects), and successfully taps into the 100 million euro market.

More about Envigo

Work Puls: The guys from Work Puls are thinking lean and B2B which in today’s sea of Facebook for dogs and Uber for bikes, is a breath of fresh air. Their project will allow leaders of organizations to track employees time spent on their computers.

More about Work Puls

Events & Places to go and meet

Potkrovlje Hub: Potkrovlje Hub is basically a hipsterish decorated loft in the city center where founders work and play. Their waiting list is stacked so if you’re interested get in the line! Anytime you bump in, there is a good chance to catch a discussion, lecture or a movie projection. They are very welcoming and have cookies (YES!)

More about Potkrovlje Hub

KC Grad: Located in a former rustic trade center of the old empire named Savamala, KC Grad is a modern counterpart of traditional coffeehouses, also serving drinks to support a deeper initiative of open discussion and tolerance, so lots of startupers might end up there late at night.

More about KC Grad

Startit meetups: The most famous startup events in Belgrade are Startit meetups. They range from experience sharing events to deep technical events where the latest tends in virtual realty or e-commerce are discussed.

More about Startit meetups

Startlabs events: Whenever there’s an investor or mentor in town the guys at Startlabs use the opportunity to introduce him to Belgrade’s entrepreneurs through events or a get-together. Also their feedback sessions have proved valuable to many startups.

More about Startlabs

Social Impact Hub: They arrange meetups, and often get field experts or residents to lecture about something specific.

More about Social Impact Hub


Anything else we should add? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Dusan Kolenovic and uploaded by Rasmus Frandsen


  1. Well written Dusan and Rasmus. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi guys,
    It’s a really great article which sends a message that Belgrade has a huge potential for creative industries and investors. I just wanted to add one small fact which I think it was an honest mistake in your text. You’ve missed to mention Smart Office, the first coworking space in the whole country. Our community with more then 200 entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, small companies, digital nomads… in the past three years, should make us one of startup hot spots on your guide map. :) You are more then welcome to stop by for a cup of coffee anytime.
    Happy coworking! :)

  3. Hi Miroslav,

    Thanks for your suggestion. Can you send me a short desciption of your space like the ones above? Then I will include it.

    You can send it to me at: ref(at)startuptravels(dot)com



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