Partner of the Month: Founderdocs

Back in 2014 when we decided to build Startuptravels our vision was to create as much value for traveling entrepreneurs as possible. With users in ~170 countries and a growing user base I believe we lived up to this promise. Lately we asked our users and each other what we could do to provide even more value. The response we received was that we could make other areas of business easier for startups.

Few months ago we partnered with Founderdocs to start pursuing this new goal. Founderdocs is an online platform, which makes it easier to create easy-to-understand and lawyer approved shareholders agreements. Most of us do not understand legal lingo and we don’t have the resources to pay a lawyer to do it. Founderdocs makes it easy for startup founders in England and Denmark (Ejeraftale til virksomheder i Danmark) to create this important document. You are asked 20 questions about your current situation. It could be questions like:

  • What is the purpose of your company?
  • Do you have a Board of Directors?
  • Who will be appointed as CEO?
  • Should the current shareholders have the right to buy additional shares before offered to anyone else?

Questions like these are not difficult to answer. After answering 20 questions your report is automatically created and ready to be download. Below you can find a few pictures of the dashboard and the builder in Founderdocs.

Founderdocs Dashboard


Founderdocs builder


Founderdocs is currently available in Denmark and the UK since shareholders agreements are significantly different depending on the country you establish your company in. The price of a Founderdocs shareholders agreement starts at $299 and if you want to have a one hour meeting with a local lawyer included it costs $399.

We hope you like it. We do!

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