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Mostafa Amin, a 25 year old Egyptian entrepreneur that has had the same pain for a long time – finding it hard to meet other entrepreneurs when traveling. Mostafa contacted the Startuptravels team in order to tell us his story, and why he likes the platform. Mostafa struck us as a very interesting entrepreneur (and singer!) that definitely loves and see the benefit of meeting likeminded entrepreneurs. We had a talk with Mostafa, and would like to tell you guys what Mostafa told us.

A typical experience without Startuptravels

Mostafa, you told us that you are very interested in meeting entrepreneurs when traveling. Could you tell us how you normally go about that?

Sure, I would love to. Let me tell you about my last experience and how difficult it normally is to meet local entrepreneurs. A few weeks ago I was in Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia, where I was staying for 10 days. I was eager to get to know the entrepreneurial start-up scene there and tried to Google my way around. I wrote to a few co-working spaces and incubators in order to get some more knowledge and meet some entrepreneurs, but I got no response. I therefore found myself alone in the two big cities, and could not find some interesting local entrepreneurs to meet.

So what happened, you just went home after that?

No, actually on the 7th day, I went to St. Petersburg and tried couchsurfing instead. The guys I ended up with actually knew some entrepreneurs and connected me to a co-working space, where I met a really nice entrepreneur that was able to tell me about the ecosystem in Russia, and the problems that especially the youth face in order to establish their small businesses. It was an interesting talk, and I could see similarities between the Egyptian startup scene, that I am from, and the Russian startup scene. It was a really beneficial talk. However, it took me forever to find someone to meet.

Glad you managed to find somebody. So when did you hear about Startuptravels, then?

Well, the whole process of getting connected was so random, and VERY time consuming, therefore when a friend of mine, Mohammad Abdelwahab, sent me a link to Startuptravels, I right away thought “wow that’s exactly what I need – why didn’t I see this idea before my trip to Russia?” (If you feel the same way you should go ahead an sign up for Startuptravels!)

Experience with Startuptravels

I’m glad you like it! Have you had a chance to try out the platform yet?

Yes, I was so eager to try it, so right when I got back to Egypt, I went to an entrepreneurial event in Cairo, and Mohammad Abdelwahab and I got in touch with an interesting entrepreneur, Christoph Sollich from Germany, through the platform. He was also going to the event. It was so easy! Right after returning from Russia, I met with a very interesting entrepreneur without much prior work. It was amazing, and you can never imagine the amount of information and experience we exchanged with Chris. Using Startuptravels was awesome, very beneficial and so easy.


Amazing! So have you also used the platform when traveling?

Yes, a few days after the event in Cairo, I traveled to Vienna to attend a conference. I went on the platform, and found around 25 people who were in Vienna the same time as me. I read through the profiles on Startuptravels and organized a meet up with one of them, Filip Stanev. Two days later we met together with another entrepreneur, Amr Sobhy. This talk was so beneficial as well! Filip is from Bulgaria and he has been living in Vienna since 2008. We learned a lot from Filip’s prior experience and from the new knowledge we got about the startup scene in Austria.


I’m glad you met with Filip! Are you going to use the platform in the future as well?

Definitely! Startuptravels has solved a huge pain of mine – now I am able to meet other entrepreneurs through a user-friendly platform with a great user experience. The platform has been able to save me a lot of time and helped me in getting connected to some very interesting entrepreneurs that I prior spend way too much time on finding. I find it more beneficial to meet others one-on-one. I go to conferences, but it is not the same, since it is very hard to network thoroughly when there are so many people. With Startuptravels I now have the system, which helps me to plan, read and learn before even deciding on who to meet.


Great, so what would you tell other entrepreneurs out there?

Start your Startuptravels account and begin interacting with people from around the world. It does not matter whether you travel or not. Startuptravels is a great way to get new connections and learn from entrepreneurs both locally and abroad!


Written by Mostafa Amin and uploaded by Rasmus Frandsen


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