Exploring the Startup Scene in Sunny Miami

The Startuptravels team talked to Rainier Mallol and Nazaret Ramirez from Atlas Solutions & Systems since they told us that they had used Startuptravels for their last business trip from Dominica Republic to Florida in the United States.

Startuptravels Meet-up Cody

Hi Rainier and Nazaret. Thanks for taking the time to tell us about your trip! First off I am very eager to hear about your trip to Florida, and what you were supposed to do there.

We went to Miami and Orlando in Florida due to an event for entrepreneurs in Miami called Startup Grind. While we were very eager about going to this event we were just as excited about meeting some local American entrepreneurs. We have a lot to learn in the Dominican Republic still, and therefore being able to meet with an entrepreneur in either Miami or Orlando would be amazing for us.

Great to hear, so how did you go about finding some local entrepreneurs to meet?

Well, we had heard about Startuptravels and was eager to try it out. We searched for Miami, since this was the first place we were supposed to go, and found a guy called Cody Littlewood. Cody seemed very interesting, running an incubator in Miami, called Codelitt. They generally focus on crypto currencies and the shared economy and he seemed really interesting, so I went ahead and wrote him.

So was he able to meet you?

Yes, the experience was amazing. Cody responded really fast, suggested that we met right away when we landed in Miami. He even suggested picking us up at the airport. As well he suggested that we met one of his co-partners, Vincent Hendriks. The experience was amazing – a quick message, and now we were meeting with two great entrepreneurs that were running an incubator in Miami.

Wow – so tell me about your meeting. How was it?

Well, we arrived in Miami and went straight to Cody and Vincent’s incubator. We ended up being with them for 2.5 hours since we had so much to talk about. We shared code with each other, what we all were working on, our plans, how things are different in Miami and in The Dominican Republic and we even discussed the possibility of working together in the future. We also showed them our newest product, called Tempdox (www.tempdox.com), which will be launched this week! Time flew by and before we knew it we had spend 2.5 hours in great company with Cody and Vincent.

So glad to hear about this – so what did you do after the meeting?

They told us where we could go and eat in Miami, and a bit about the town and what to do there – really great information from some locals. They actually proposed meeting again Tuesday, and coming to a pitch event at their incubator, but unfortunately we could not meet them or go to their event due to the Startup Grind event. Really a shame since we had such a good time with these two.

So what happened for the rest of the trip?

We weren’t staying for too long, but went to the great event. However, the meet-up with Cody and Vincent is really what was the most amazing on this trip.

Amazing, we are so glad to hear that the two of you benefited from meeting some local entrepreneurs. So you will continue to use Startuptravels for your future trips?

No doubt about that. I went to Europe earlier this year, and stayed for a much longer period. I spend so much time on trying to find some interesting entrepreneurs to meet, but I could not find anyone to meet there. This trip was so much more beneficial due to the fact that we could actually get that local experience in a foreign city. We wanted to meet likeminded local entrepreneurs and Startuptravels allowed us to do exactly that. We are going to San Francisco next year, and we will most definitely use Startuptravels here again and on all of our future trips.


Written by Rasmus Frandsen

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the article and for the platform of Startup travels! Keep on rocking!



  1. Meet entrepreneurs while traveling on Startuptravels - […] Rainier meeting Cody in Miami […]

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