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City Guides

Berlin: A guide to Europe’s most exciting start-up scene

Are you planning a trip to Berlin and are interested in exploring the startup ecosystem of Germany’s capital? If you are (or if you simply want to know a bit more about one of Europe’s most exciting startup scenes), check out this comprehensive guide! Whether you are... read more

Hong Kong Travelers Guide to the Startup Scene

Startuptravels City Guide Hong Kong To say that Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem is growing, is an understatement! It’s booming! As more and more success stories pile up, HK is beginning to stake its claim as one of Asia’s hottest startup hubs. Tytus Michalski (MD,... read more

Los Angeles Startup City Guide – Get the full overview

Startuptravels City Guide Los Angeles Here you find Startuptravels City Guide Los Angeles, CA. – U.S. The startup scene in Los Angeles is called “Silicon Beach” and due to the big number of tech startups it is one of the biggest startup ecosystem in US.... read more

Bangalores Startup Community is Growing – Here is a Guide

Startuptravels City Guide Bangalore Here you find Startuptravels City Guide Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Bangalore is truly a cosmopolitan city. A city bustling with people from all across India, but also from different parts of the world. The startup scene is growing... read more


Exploring the startup scene in Manila with Startuptravels

Meeting likeminded people Startuptravels talked to Kacper, Jonver and Jimson, about their Startuptravels meetup in Manila to find out what the startup scene in Manila is like and what it means to be a Startuptravels ambassador. Kacper is from Poland has traveled to 49... read more

Christoph met likeminded Startup Founders in Sao Paulo

Christoph Zerr traveled to Sao Paulo and got to meet three great local entrepreneurs. We talked to Christoph after he returned back home to hear about his stay in Sao Paulo. Hey Christoph. Thanks for taking the time to chat. You recently traveled to Sao Paolo – how... read more

The World is a Playground for Traveling Entrepreneurs

One of the Startuptravels ambassadors, Bernd Michael Weiss, from Stuttgart, Germany, is a digital nomad traveling around the world with his business. We knew Bernd had been traveling a lot since we launched back in October. At the end of January Bernd returned from... read more

Founder of DiscoverCity used Startuptravels in Hong Kong

Juraj Pal has almost been onboard Startuptravels from day one, and has used Startuptravels extensively during his 4 month stay in Hong Kong and around Asia. We of course talked to Juraj after he returned to Denmark about his stay abroad and how Startuptravels... read more

Traveling Entrepreneurs Meeting in Hong Kong

A few weeks ago five Startuptravels entrepreneurs decided to meet up in Hong Kong to exchange experience and network with likeminded people. Maggie and Anita are the founders of Sam The Local in Hong Kong, Juraj is the founder of DiscoverCity (.. and also a... read more

Konichiwa! Startuptravels meet-up in Kyoto

The Startuptravels team talked to Basiel Van Cauwenberge from Ghent in Belgium. Basiel told us that he is currently traveling and are planning to meet some Startuptravellers on his trip. We were interested and therefore took a chat with Basiel. Hi Basiel. Thanks for... read more

Sao Paolo Entrepreneur Exploring London’s Startup Scene

A few weeks ago Carlos Matos from Sao Paolo won a startup competition, which included a trip to London (Check out our Startuptravels City Guide London here!). Being one of our ambassadors Carlos decided to reach out to a handful of people on the platform in order to... read more

Exploring the Startup Scene in Sunny Miami

The Startuptravels team talked to Rainier Mallol and Nazaret Ramirez from Atlas Solutions & Systems since they told us that they had used Startuptravels for their last business trip from Dominica Republic to Florida in the United States. Hi Rainier and Nazaret.... read more

Meeting likeminded people in Egypt with Startuptravels

Mostafa Amin, a 25 year old Egyptian entrepreneur that has had the same pain for a long time – finding it hard to meet other entrepreneurs when traveling. Mostafa contacted the Startuptravels team in order to tell us his story, and why he likes the platform.... read more


Partner of the Month: Founderdocs

Back in 2014 when we decided to build Startuptravels our vision was to create as much value for traveling entrepreneurs as possible. With users in ~170 countries and a growing user base I believe we lived up to this promise. Lately we asked our users and each other... read more

Never worry about a place to work

Never worry about a place to work A New Cultural Trend The term “Digital Nomads” has gained significant traction within the last few years. Entrepreneurs are traveling more than ever to explore, work and connect. The term’s increasing popularity... read more

15 Startups That Change the Way You Travel

This post is written by Bozena Pieniazek who is our talented contributor on the blog. I am now 6 months into my journey around the world, and will shortly be starting the Central and South America leg of my trip. While planning my next stops, I decided to do a bit of... read more

Entrepreneurs aim to make coworking in SF affordable

Much has already been said and written about San Francisco. Together with Silicon Valley, San Francisco is the home to the world’s best startup scene and is the leading center for US venture capital. Being an entrepreneur in San Francisco offers you a front row seat... read more

12 Startups in 12 Months and Startuptravels Super User!

Startuptravels is all about connecting with likeminded entrepreneurs around the world. Last week we had a chat with Paul McCann – a Startuptravels member who have seen the benefits of having a strong international network of entrepreneurs to contact while... read more

Hello Bangkok! Exploring Thailand’s start-up community

Bangkok is one of South-East Asia’s most buzzing cities, yet so little is known internationally about the Thai startup scene. It’s quite a shame because it actually has a lot to offer. I recently spent a week exploring Bangkok and its startup community, and absolutely... read more

Startuptravels Integrates with Airbnb

Great news for all Startuptravels members. We are excited to tell you that we have integrated Airbnb on the platform, which means you can now list your Airbnb listing on Startuptravels and host traveling entrepreneurs. Starting today, you can search for a location,... read more

Marketing for Startups – Case of Startuptravels

Let’s face it. It can be a challenge to be noticed as a new startup with limited or no resources. We are all competing for the attention of the audience and most tech entrepreneurs are dreaming of being featured in TechCrunch or a similar media with millions of... read more

Top 10 Travel Hacks for the Traveling Entrepreneurs

When you’re part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, chances are you travel quite a bit. That’s why we built Startuptravels in the first place and we always make the traveling entrepreneur the centre of everything we do. This blog post will provide all of... read more

Meeting entrepreneurs have never been easier

Startuptravels is a platform that allow you to meet entrepreneurs while traveling. You can find a place to stay, a desk to work at or just arrange a meet-up for a cup of coffee. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely and a challenge and that is why we have to stand strong together. The idea of Startuptravels platform is that it should be easier to meet entrepreneurs everywhere around the world. You can look for a co-founder, an investor, a mentor or just a new friend that can help you navigate the tough sea of being an entrepreneur.

Startuptravels was founded in October 2014 and since then thousands of entrepreneurs have met each other, exchanged ideas, built businesses together and seen the value of two minds working together.

Join us on Startuptravels. Reach out to people in your own city or look out for travelers visiting your city. Never feel like a stranger again. Belong anywhere as an entrepreneur.

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