Five Best Organizational Tools for Entrepreneurs On the Road

Startuptravels tips to stay organized

One of the advantages of being your own boss and an entrepreneur is to be able to work from everywhere in the world. But, working from everywhere in the world also has its challenges. As a travelling entrepreneur myself, I can find it quite a challenging to keep up with my growing to-do-lists or to lead a team when abroad. Not to mention the eternal search for WiFi to keep your inbox clean and your social media up to date.

It is essential for me to keep focus, everywhere I am, to work as productive as I can and to get the most out of the day. I still swear by the handwritten to-do list, but these days technology is fast becoming my way to stay organized. These 5 tools have helped me feel organized on the road.

1. Insightly

Creating an overview of your contacts is essential if you want to stay organized. This also makes it much easier to find someone’s contact details when you need them in a hurry. Insightly is a CRM that helps you do just that, and much more.

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2. TripIt

This is the number 1 travel app that pulls all of your travel initiary together and keeps it safe for you in 1 place. You can sync your plans to your calendar and share them with others. TripIt also tells you if there is a better seat available on your next flight and don’t worry about your reward points, they are tracked automatically. Done.

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3. Trello

Sometimes you get a really good idea and you write it down somewhere and then lose the paper … Trello can help. In this app you can create boards and cards with ideas or reminders that you assign to the relevant board. This is the end of lost ideas.

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4. Asana

Used by Uber, Airbnb AND Startuptravels, Asana is a big name in apps that help you organize. Asana eliminates the need for email since it is very easy to communicate with your team through the app. You can add people to a conversation and add a task to each person so that everyone knows what’s going on. Now that’s communication.

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5. Expensify

One of the most annoying things is having to keep track of receipts, especially when you’re traveling. Somehow they always disappear and you spend lots of valuable time hunting them down. This is where Expensify comes in. You can make an overview of your costs and take pictures of receipts and just throw out the original. Expensify keeps track of everything and at the end of the month you can just extract an excel file from the app for your admin. Job done.


We hope this list comes in convenient and that some of these online tools can help you get more organized on the road. If you have any other tips, make sure to leave a comment and to share you knowledge.

This post was written by Anouk Boer, Startuptravels Ambassador of Amsterdam. Anouk is the cofounder of The Blank Map, a platform for unique travel experiences.

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