Entrepreneurs aim to make coworking in SF affordable

Much has already been said and written about San Francisco. Together with Silicon Valley, San Francisco is the home to the world’s best startup scene and is the leading center for US venture capital.

Being an entrepreneur in San Francisco offers you a front row seat to the very edge of global tech development and with that a valuable pool of world talent, partnership opportunities, VC’s, accelerators & startup incubators with the addition of countless meetup events and networking opportunities.

The downside of this attractive business environment, where so many great people want to live and work, is that office spaces and San Francisco rents continue to soar and reach new record highs month after month. As of February this year a 1-bedroom apartment in the city cost an average of $ 3.460.

Map showing the prices of rent in San Francisco

To put it into perspective – here’s a list of 5 European castles that are cheaper than an apartment in San Francisco (!) – so no wonder that the sharing economy lead by companies like Airbnb and Uber is thriving.

The concept of sharing resources professionally has introduced the fast growing movement of shared office spaces or ‘coworking spaces’ accommodating early stage startups, digital nomads and remote workers. The trend originated in San Francisco in 2005, when the first coworking space “The Hat Factory” was created and the description used.

Now ten years later the coworking movement continues its momentum and 2800+ coworking spaces have opened up globally. The value of coworking has even been validated by recent studies which proved coworkers thrive at levels above those that work in traditional offices or from home.

This is all great, but in San Francisco many of the coworking spaces are with their fancy interior design and abundant services still very expensive alternatives to a table at the more noisy local coffee shop. As a small band of bootstrapping international entrepreneurs and digital nomads, a group of people wanted to change that. They were already working from a general coworking space but decided as a side project to create the ultimate coworking space for digital nomads and international or traveling entrepreneurs like themselves. They wanted an affordable useful space, where “work met travel”. ‘Nomad-A-What Coworking’ is the result.

What you really need to be productive

We asked Kirstine Larsen from Nomad-A-What about what entrepreneurs need to be productive and what they had chosen to focus on in their new coworking space.

“It seemed like a no brainer to us that extra services and amenities offered at the costly coworking spaces e.g. ‘free’ yoga classes, designer furniture, draft beers on tap or some special roasted coffee could be ‘nice-to-haves’ but are rather unnecessary for work productivity and irrelevant when you are trying to operate on a shoestring budget as a traveler or an entrepreneur in SF”

“We know from experience that entrepreneurship is all about doing. Others may say something can’t be done. Entrepreneurs, we try figure out a way to make it happen. The things we DO need in order to get great amounts of work done and launch new ideas are a few simple but important things like;


  • Fast reliable WIFI
  • A non distracting environment for focused work & a quiet corner to those serious conference calls or collaborative conversations
  • Easy and flexible office access. You and your business partners may very well be operating across multiple timezones or perhaps your jetlagged brain could be used to get some work done way past the usual office hours. Many are appreciative of our extended day passes or 24/7 coworking memberships.
  • Ergonomically correct workspace setup for remote workers: Often underestimated, but it’s physically impossible to have a good posture if all you have is a laptop. To assist you in working on the road without killing yourself we have free external monitors (no need to carry that with you!), good office chairs, extra keyboards and even the opportunity to use a standing desk – Some years from now, you’ll thank us for this! In case you need extra adaptors or cables we got you covered too.
  • Affordable (short-term) accommodation; For those who enjoy a travel community and are staying short-term in SF, we even have a cooperation with the #1 rated hostel in the city, Pacific Tradewinds, located just a block away from our coworking space, so you don’t have to travel far for a quick snooze or a nights rest.


“Though we seek to offer the lowest coworking rates in San Francisco, we still do have free coffee or tea to provide us all with extra fuel on those jetlagged or long hours of hard work, but for the real fancy blends and Latte art, we’ll leave it to the pro’s. Whether you want bubble tea, some exotic imported tea or seek advanced barista skills at a coffee shop it can all be found in our surrounding neighborhoods, as we are located in between San Francisco’s Chinatown and the Financial District”

Nomad-A-What Coworking

It’s still a work in progress, but the team has been able to create a more affordable and relevant coworking space by keeping a sharp focus on what really matters for us entrepreneurs and travelers when we want to get some good work done. Nomad-A-What Coworking is created for a bootstrapping entrepreneurial community of people like us. Professionals who seek inspiration around the world and especially through connections they make with others.

In order to raise a bit of extra funding to the transformation of Nomad-A-What the team have also launched a small crowdfunding campaign with Travelstarter – a new global crowdfunding platform specifically for ‘big and small ideas in tourism’.

With only 3 days left of the campaign, they have reached 100% of the goal and so far many people have enjoyed a good laugh from the campaign video or taken advantage of the rewards they offer like cheaper coworking passes and accommodation. You can see the video here:

‘Nomad-A-What’, the team hopes to see you in the city by the Bay and connect sometime!

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